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The Irrepressibles | Nude, 2012


Show me your reasons to fight,
the new world tonight,
and I will be here by your side,
so true. 

Because I couldn't see truth from my eyes,
they blinded me with rules from when I was a child,
Because all around the vain ones decide,
the ways in which we live our lives. 

But we'll breathe, 
our dreams, 
and we'll scream, 
louder - so we'll be seen. 

Show me the truth that you hide, 
the world needs to know, 
that there'll be no sacrifice, 
the love we share has to grow.

Take off that burden that persists, 
there'll be no miracles to make you fit.
and look deep into my eyes, 
you'll see the truth you long to find. 

And we'll breath, 
our dreams,
and we'll scream, 
louder - so we'll be seen.

Show me the tears that you cry,
some problems can cut deep inside, 
but I believe there's ways to climb,
up out into another time.

Where we'll breath 
our dreams, 
and we'll scream 
louder - so we'll be seen....


J. G. McDermott, 2001

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