Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds | Push The Sky Away, 2013 

[versão não censurada do vídeo Jubilee Street]

"I don’t know, this record just seems new, you know, but new in an old school kind of way”"

Nick Cave

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  1. Das melhores coisas que vi e ouvi nos últimos tempos. E, de facto, o politicamente correcto continua a ser uma bela merda.


    1. "I like to hear the sound of form, and I like to hear the sound of it breaking.
      I like writing disagreeable poems, or certainly don’t mind if a poem strikes someone as unpleasant. It is possible to offend people still, and my poems not infrequently do. One way to do it is to write beautifully what people don’t want to hear." Frederick Seidel

      Já somos dois!