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After reading the essays collected in this book, I understood that although they take on a number of subjects, they are linked by an abiding curiosity about what it means to be human. How do you see, remember, feel, and interact with other people? What does it mean to sleep, to dream, and to speak? When we use the word self, what are we talking about?
It is importante to remember that despite the plethora of solutions, who we are and how we got that way remain open queries, not only in the humanities but in the sciences as well.

Siri Hustvedt, in Living,Thinking, Looking - essays

"O Valor da Liberdade - diálogos sobre as possibilidades do humano" com Siri Hustvedt, sábado 28, na SIC Notícias, às 20h. Repete domingo, às 14h30 e 01h30.

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