© The Museum of Everyday Life


Hans Holbein the Younger | The Ambassadors, 1533

Teho Teardo e Blixa Bargeld | Nerissimo, 2016


Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

Well, they do breathe air. And I make air. Have they thought about that? 
Humans, so smart. They'll figure it out. Humans making air. That'll be fun to watch.


© Bernardo Martins, 2015

A imensidade vazia das coisas, o grande esquecimento que há no céu e na terra...

Fernando Pessoa, in Livro do desassossego


 © Newsha Tavakolian | Magnum photos - Tehran, Iran. 2014

Mahud, climbing the wall of the abandoned empty swimming pool, which is the only quiet place he can find to practice his singing. 



© Arno Rafael Minkkinen

The silence was not oppressive; it was open.
But not to us, I thought for some reason. The silence had always been likethishere, long before people existed and would remain so long after they had disappeared. Lying here in this mountain bowl, with the sea spread out before it.
Where did it end actually? America? Canada?
Yes, that had to be it. Newfoundland.

Karl Ove knausgård, in My Struggle: 4 - Dancing in the dark