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Open See tells the story of refugees, immigrants, and trafficked individuals journeying from their countries of origin to their new homes in Europe. This project addresses the struggle of immigrants to leave conditions where war, disease, and economic devastation prevail. It also addresses their struggle to adapt to new European cultures and the reciprocal struggle of those cultures to adapt to them in turn. My approach to creation and distribution requires personal, active engagement with the material from both artist and participant. With this work, I hope to shift attitudes, experience, and public perception. 

Jim Goldberg, 2011

Once upon a time there was a boat full of people looking for a new home...

2 comentários:

  1. Indo de nada a nada, sem dono nem destino, sem refugio nem bússola. À deriva. Empenhado na inútil fuga de mim mesmo, em busca de um lugar onde cair vivo.


    1. Passarei, terás passado em mim, só quero
      dizer-te: não morras nunca, agora, nunca mais.

      António Franco Alexandre

      E beijo-te,