do you prefer crash and burn, or burn and crash?

© Claude Nori

You put two people who have not been put together before. Sometimes it is like that first attempt to harness a hydrogen ballon to a fire balloon: do you prefer crash and burn, or burn and crash? But sometimes it works, and something new is made, and the world is changed. Then, at some point, sooner or later, for this reason or that, one of them is taken away. And what is taken away is greater than the sum of what was there. This may not be mathematically possiblle; but it is emotionally possible.

Julian Barnes, in Levels of life

2 comentários:

  1. Aqueles seres, aquele jogo de grande sedução da nossa morte e o efémero arder da nossa carne, sombras que deslumbram, continuam a viver ocultos no interior das árvores, devolvidos à natureza em que nasceram.


    1. Agora, aqui entre nós dois,
      vem comigo, traz o teu corpo pela mão...

      César Vallejo