© astronaut William Anders | Earthrise, 24.12.1968

The pilot of the lunar module, William Anders, using a specially adapted Hasselblad camera, photographed a two-thirds-full Earth soaring in a night sky. His picture show it in luscious colour, with feathery cloud cover, swirling storm systems, rich blue seas and rusty continents. Major General Anders later reflected:

 "I think it was the Earthrise that really kind of got everybody in the solar plexus … We were looking back at our planet, the place where we evolved. Our Earth was quite colorful, pretty and delicate compared to the very rough, rugged, beat-up, even boring lunar surface. I think it struck everybody that here we’d come 240,000 miles to see the Moon and it was the Earth that was really worth looking at."

At the time, Anders's photos were disturbing as they were beautiful: and they remain so today.

Julian Barnes, in Levels of Life

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  1. Navego pelo ar a 12,000 metros, reflectindo no que me esqueci de saber. Aqui estou a 12,000 metros e mais perto da Terra do que alguma vez estive.