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«When I look out of the window, then what I see outside is true for me in its various tones, colors, and proportions. It is truth and has its own rightness. This excerpt you like for that matter, is a constant demand on me, and it is a model for my pictures.» Gerhard Richter

What I see is true for me. This true is not the truth of science, of an objective view. It is not the camera's truth, nor is it an altogether private or solipsistic vision. I, too, can sit at the same window and point to a house we both see. That house can be shared, but the eyes of the painter will feel the demand of rightness in a way that I won't.

The demand of art is always also the demand of the world, a demand of truth (with a small t).

Siri Hustvedt, in Living, thinking, looking - essays

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