Love is the drug

© Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds | Love Letter - No More Shall We Part, 2001

"We all experience within us what the Portuguese call "saudade", an inexplicable longing, an unnamed and enigmatic yearning of the soul, and it is this feeling that lives in the realms of imagination and inspiration, and is the breeding ground for the sad song, for the love song. Saudade is the desire to be transported from darkness into light, to be touched by the hand of that which is not of this world. The love song is the light of God, deep down, blasting up though our wounds.

The love song must be borne into the realm of the irrational, the absurd, the distracted, the melancholic, the obsessive and the insane, for it is the clamour of love itself, and love is, of course, a form of madness."

Nick Cave, in The secret life of love song - The complet lyrics 1978 - 2013

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