© Antonin Kratochvil / The New York Times: Frederick Seidel, 2009

"I hate examining my poems this way, and I really don’t know the answers to your perfectly legitimate questions. I’m in the dark, and it obviously suits me to stay in the dark. 
I will say that learning how to write has to do in part with learning how to accede to yourself and your object, instead of writing what you think you ought to write, or what at that point in time the world thinks poetry is about. Or what you think you ought to be about. The moment comes, if it ever comes, when you have enough strength to give way, to give in to being who you are, to give in to your themes. Giving in to your obsessions, giving in to the things that you will be writing about over and over. And sometimes the things you’ll be writing about over and over are things that some people don’t find very nice." 

Frederick Seidel, in The Art of Poetry No. 95

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